How to Make Iced Coffee at Home


Are you a die-hard iced coffee fan but are irked by the sky-high prices in coffee shops?

Want to make it a personal experience by making it in the comfort of your home?

Well, we are here with a mouth-watering recipe to make iced coffee at home that you can easily make. While we do agree that professionals are great for making iced coffee, you can also learn the art of making iced coffee with only a handful of ingredients at home.

You must have gone through countless failed attempts at making a good homemade iced coffee. Or you may have succeeded with one of them. But unless you did not, no worries. Here we are sharing the secret best way to make iced coffee at home.

Please check the 4 Rules for How to Make a Perfect Cup of Coffee first to enhance your experience more.

How to Make the Best Homemade Iced Coffee

A close sister to coffee is iced coffee. A tad bit different in taste, texture, and form, iced coffee is still a close alternative to hot coffee. Iced coffee is usually enjoyed by the same people who also cherish the rich taste of hot coffee.

Let us quickly jump into the recipe to get you started with your finest cup of iced coffee.

Ingredients You Will Need for This Iced Coffee Recipe

  • Ice (a full glass)
  • Sugar (as you like)
  • Vanilla extract or syrup (whichever you prefer)
  • Ground coffee (2 teaspoons per cup)
  • Water
  • Coffee beater or stirrer
  • Tumbler (if you want)

Process of Making Iced Coffee at Home

Start your process of making delectable iced coffee at home by following these simple steps below:

  1. Add coffee and sugar to a saucepan and keep it on the stove at medium heat. Use a coffee beater or stirrer to stir slowly and well.
  2. Do not boil the mixture instead, blend it good.
  3. Add water to chill the mixture or keep the mixture in the fridge to cool down.
  4. When chilled as you like, add ice and vanilla syrup.
  5. Serve in a tall glass or a tumbler.

With these easy steps, your iced coffee is ready to be enjoyed. Rummaging through tons of homemade iced coffee recipes online must have drained and confused you about what is right or wrong.

The above-mentioned recipe includes all the necessary ingredients that are easily available as well as accurate to make your perfect glass of iced coffee.

Experiment with your Homemade Iced Coffee

Although the aforementioned ingredients are all easily available and contribute to making a great iced coffee, there are still some variations and alternatives that you can try and use.


Indeed, Vanilla extract or syrup is usually used for iced coffee. But honey can also be used in its stead. You can simply add the same amount of honey as you would vanilla extract or syrup, and you are good to go.


While using ground coffee is the traditional way to make iced coffee, you can also use premade coffee or any leftover coffee you have directly to make iced coffee. This is easily the best way to make iced coffee at home.

Coconut Cream or Milk

To all our vegan lovers, we know you shy away from using any animal by-products. For your perfect tumbler of iced coffee at home, you can use coconut cream or milk instead of cow milk.


What is the secret to making good iced coffee?

A little-known fact is the use of salt in iced coffee. A pinch of salt works magic when you are making iced coffee at home.

What is vanilla syrup?

It is made by mixing water and sugar and heating them together until they blend well. By soaking and heating ground vanilla beans with water and alcohol, you can create the pure vanilla extract, which is later used in the syrup.

Should you double brew the coffee for iced coffee?

Since iced coffee is primarily made with ice cubes, which dilute during brewing, it is wise to double-brew your iced coffee.

Is iced coffee just cold coffee?

Iced coffee is not just cold coffee. Instead, it is made from sugar, milk, ice, and coffee beans.

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