Coffee Avenue is home to freshly brewed coffee that will leave you feeling refreshed and relaxed. From choosing the finest coffee beans to roasting them thoroughly that can make the perfect cup of coffee, we are the most-loved coffee suppliers in the UAE. With a one-stop shop, you are exposed to the finest single origins, blends, and coffee beans in the UAE.

As one of the renowned coffee distributors in UAE, we strive to collaborate with the best businesses, cafes, and bistros. Our roasted wholesale coffee beans are packed with the care that ensures the safety of the coffee beans to keep them fresh from the first bean to the very last. By providing wholesale coffee beans at an economical price, we also pave the path for customized cafe and roastery training that fits the different needs of your business.

Coffee Avenue being the leading coffee beans supplier in Dubai, fulfills the varying coffee needs of the locals as well as tourists to introduce them to the finest blends of coffee flavors.



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