We roast our coffee differently for different brewing methods

Roasting for Espresso or Filter Coffee




Coffee Avenue is not just a micro-roasting company but a way of life that stays with you throughout the day. With a strong taste and sweet aroma, we roast your favorite flavor of the day.

As one of the leading coffee roasters in Dubai, UAE we carefully craft sharp coffee beans that are your ideal stress buster and can take away the fatigue of the day. Packed with powerful antioxidants, our coffee beans can carefully nourish your health and well-being.

القهوه المختصة القهوه المختصه


Our staunch commitment to roasting the best quality coffee beans has paved the way for our alliance with wholesalers. Coffee Avenue being the leading micro coffee roasters strives to make and provide only the finest quality roasted coffee in UAE to entice the taste buds of coffee lovers.

With us, you will not only find the best brews in town but will also enjoy a timeless experience. So, sit back and enjoy your cup of coffee with the premium specialty coffee roasters.


The Peru Coffee Beans are to die for. I am a regular customer of Coffee Avenue and can testify to its consistency for excellent quality and taste.

– Kashif

The true acidity of fresh coffee from Coffee Avenue instantly refreshes my sleepy mind and prepares me for my day.

– Micheal

As a specialty coffee brand, Coffee Avenue provides the perfect balance of flavors with a sweet aroma.

– Adam

The flavor of the coffee is exquisite. Plus, their
customer service sets them apart from other brands.

– Debora

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